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We are authorised retailer of HoYoverse merchandise / miHoYo merchandise for games such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Zenless Zone Zero and Honkai Impact 3rd.  

All contents from miHoYo / HoYoverse games such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai Star Rail or Zenless Zone Zero from news, announcements or any other articles and media files shared by the game’s official channels are definitely copyrighted by miHoYo / HoYoverse.

All product information of  miHoYo official merchandise / HoYoverse official merchandise such as  Genshin Impact merchandise, Honkai Impact merchandise, Honkai Star Rail merchandise and Zenless Zone Zero merchandise are copyrighted by the games’ developer miHoYo / HoYoverse.

Some Genshin fanart, Honkai Impact fanart, Honkai Star Rail fanart or Zenless Zone Zero fanart creations are owned by their respective creators. But HoYoMerch do have inhouse artists to produce original fanarts of miHoYo / HoYoverse games.

The website design or any marketing materials created by ourselves are copyrighted by HoYoMerch.

Once payment is confirmed, we will process the order immediately. Upon the arrival of the goods at our warehouse, we will package it neatly and safely before shipping it over to you.

See Shipping & Returns page for more details.

Reasonable. Attentive. Genuine. Smooth & Hassle Free Shopping Experience is what we at HoYoMerch strive for to provide the best products & services to our dear customers! Have a look at them first and you may get some ideas on the products that interest you. We always aim to provide the best.

We provide a platform for international Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai Star Rail & Zenless Zone Zero lovers to be accessible to sought after Genshin Impact merchandise, Honkai Impact merchandise, Honkai Star Rail merchandise & Zenless Zone Zero merchandise shipped over to them in just a few clicks! Therefore, purchasing at HoYoMerch will be your wise choice.

We are selling:

  1. Official Genshin Impact merchandise, Official Honkai Impact 3 merchandise, Official Honkai Star Rail merchandise and Official Zenless Zone Zero merchandise are all sourced from miHoYo / HoYoverse.
  2. Fan-made merchandise we handpicked from different vendors mostly located in China, but possibly from some other places in the world. And HoYoMerch inhouse fan-made merchandise.

HoYoMerch particularly honours fan-made stuff and we are eager to collaborate with game fans who show outstanding craftsmanship with their fan-made products. Please reach out to us to explore possible cooperation together.

HoYoMerch accepts Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and also Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal at this moment but we may include other payment methods in the future.

We ship to almost all countries/regions in the world.

We try to be transparent to consumers, the international delivery with the Standard (economical) shipping offered by our humble shop is not a very instant and direct service. The flight itself is short but before that the logistics company would schedule your parcel to join the others in a big lot to the same destination country. Then there may be a lot of local routing even it has arrived the destination country before heading to your place. Therefore we offer one more shipping method for customers who expect a more immediate and tailored delivery. The option is named “Express” and you can select it during checkout.

No matter what shipping method you pick, there is still some processing time beforehand. Express shipping will not bring any advantage to the processing stage.

Kindly check our Shipping & Returns page for further details.



We emphasize that Express shipping can speed up the journey from our warehouse to your address. No matter what shipping method you pick, there is still some processing time beforehand. Express shipping will not bring any advantage to the order processing stage.

If you change your mind, you no longer like or need the item, or you find that the clothes do not fit you, you will be not able to ask for a refund. If the time for you to receive the goods is longer than expected, that is also not a reason for a refund because it is never guaranteed. But if the product you received is flawed, with any quality defects or wrong items being shipped, you are absolutely entitled for a refund.

Please read our Terms of Service for more details.

Please contact us directly for the best deals.

Your entire order will be defaulted as “to be shipped until everything is in stock”.

Thus, if there are in-stock items that you want to receive first, please separate them into 2 orders (i.e. one for pre-order items and one for in-stock items). Of course, if you break them into 2 orders, shipping will be charged twice.

Pre-orders cannot be canceled. Any expected delivery dates are tentatively provided by the Official miHoYo store / Official HoYoverse store in China. We are unable to cancel or refund any pre-orders for inaccurate estimated arrival dates. We will notify you for any critical changes or updates but your order will remain.

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